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  • 2019 KC City Council Endorsements
    Updated On: Apr 02, 2019


    The men and women of the Kansas City Fraternal Order of Police are excited to announce our endorsement for the following candidates running for Kansas City, Missouri City Council.

    The primary will be held on April 2nd, 2019.  The top two vote getters from the primary will run against each other in a June 18th, 2019 election.

    1st District, In-District Councilwoman Heather Hall

    Councilwoman Hall is a proven supporter of Law Enforcement. As the wife of a retired police Sergeant she understands the challenges officers face every day. Councilwoman Hall sits on the Neighborhoods and Public Safety Committee. We know we can count on her to have our backs.

    1st District, At-Large, Kevin O’Neill

    Kevin O’Neill threw his hat in the ring for City Council because he wants to make a difference and one of his main priorities is working with Law Enforcement to slow the wave of violent crime. We believe O’Neill will support our members and that is why we have chosen to give him our endorsement.

    2nd District, In-District Dan Fowler

    Councilman Fowler is seeking re-election in the 2nd District. While on city council Fowler has always been willing to listen on issues facing our membership. He has a track record of supporting Law Enforcement and we believe he is the best candidate for 2nd District City Council.

    2nd District, At-Large, Teresa Loar

    Councilwoman Loar is seeking re-election, a win would mark her 4th term on City Council dating back to 1995. We know we can rely on Loar’s experience and objectivity and she has been a vote we can count on for important issues. Councilwoman Loar’s son is a Sergeant with KCPD and her daughter-in-law is a paramedic with KCFD giving Loar an invaluable and unique perspective in the challenges facing first responders in Kansas City.

    3rd District, In-District, Melissa Robinson

    Melissa Robinson is seeking her first term with the City Council. Robinson’s  history with the Ad-Hoc Group Against Crime, where she served as the Director of Crisis Intervention, gives her great insight to the challenges our members face every day on the job. After meeting with Robinson we believe she will be a great supporter of Law Enforcement and bring a new and unique voice to the City Council. 

    3rd District, At-Large, Rev. Wallace Hartsfield, II

    Rev. Wallace Hartsfield is pastor at the Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church, taking over for his father more than a decade ago. Hartsfield is joining the race for the 3rd District, At-Large City Council seat because he says he saw a crisis that government and legislation weren’t solving. We believe Hartsfield will offer a valuable perspective and will work with law enforcement to combat violent crime.

    4th District, In-District, Geoffrey Jolley

    Geoffrey Jolley is a Kansas City firefighter and supporter of all first responders. Jolley has worked alongside Congressman Emanuel Cleaver for 13 years to ensure Kansas City and the publics best interest is represented in Washington, DC. Jolley has shown he is always willing to listen with an open mind and we believe he will make informed decisions based on fact and not succumb to public or political pressure.

    4th District, At-Large, Katheryn Shields

    Councilwoman Shields has the experience and knowledge of city government we need. She has a proven track record voting to support law enforcement and currently serves as the Vice Chair of the Neighborhoods and Public Safety Committee. Shields is not afraid to vote what she believes is in the public’s best interest and understands the job we do and challenges we face.

    5th District, In-District, Ryana Parks-Shaw

    Parks-Shaw was an obvious choice for our endorsement for 5th District, In-District. She supports law enforcement and is willing to go against the opposition, if necessary, to protect the publics best interest. Married to a former police officer Parks-Shaw will be the voice of reason we need in the 5th District, In-District City Council seat.

    5th District, At-Large, Lee Barnes, Jr

    Councilman Barnes is seeking re-election for the City Council’s 5th District, At-large. As a member of the Finance and Governance committee Councilman Barnes knows the innerworkings of the city’s budget and know the history of our fight for raises and more police officers on the street. Barnes can be an advocate for issues concerning us and that is why we have given him our endorsement.

    6th District, In-District, Kevin McManus

    One of Councilman McManus’ top priorities is safe neighborhoods. He understands the needs of Law Enforcement and what it will take to begin curbing violent crime. Councilman McManus has been outspoken about the crime rate in the city and we believe we can count on him to fight for the resources we need to make a difference.

    6th District, At-Large, Andrea Bough

    Bough entered the race for the City Council’s 6th District, At-Large seat with an extensive background in law and public service. As an attorney, Bough brings more than 20 years of experience working with local governments. Bough knows we need to do more to address violent crime and we are confident she will be a voice and a vote for Law Enforcement.
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