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    General Membership Meeting
    Nov 01, 2016
    KCFOP Lodge 3rd floor 527 W 39th St Kansas City, MO 64111
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    Nov 03, 2016
    KCFOP Lodge #99 Meeting Hall, 3rd Floor 527 W. 39th St Kansas City, MO 64111 Civilian FOP General Membership Meetings occur every other month, on the Thursday after the Sworn FOP General Membership meetings.
    General Membership Meeting
    Dec 06, 2016
    KCFOP Lodge 3rd floor 527 W 39th St Kansas City, MO 64111
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    Jan 03, 2017
    KCFOP Lodge 3rd floor 527 W 39th St Kansas City, MO 64111
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    Feb 07, 2017
    KCFOP Lodge 3rd floor 527 W 39th St Kansas City, MO 64111
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    • Lodge Attorney Sean McCauley received several requests for a referral to a trusted attorney for Wills and Trusts.  

      Please consider contacting Nick if you have questions regarding Wills, Trusts, Estate or Business Planning.  Nick has also taken time to come to several of our meetings and explain the services he provides. :

      • Nick Jenkins is the owner of Jenkins Legal, LLC, and he focuses his practice on Estate and Business Planning (primarily Wills and Trusts).  Nick graduated from KU Law School with Certificates in business and tax law, and he is currently licensed to practice law in both Kansas and Missouri.  Before beginning his legal practice, Nick served as a Kansas State Trooper from 2007-2011.  Nick is also a combat veteran of the Iraq war, is currently a commissioned officer in the Kansas Army National Guard, and has continuously served in the Army (Active Duty and National Guard) since 1999.
      • Please schedule a free consultation with Nick if you have Estate or Business Planning needs.

      The 2016 Guns 'N Hoses event is this Friday, October 21st, at 7pm, benefiting the Surviving Spouse and Family Endowment Fund, S.A.F.E.

      2016 Kansas City Guns 'n Hoses

      Download: 2016-10-13 Holiday Mart Flyer 2016.pdf

      KC Cops in the Community

      By: Jeanene Kiesling                                                                                                                            


      It is a difficult time to be a police officer in this country. Countless news stories document the public’s growing distrust, forcing a deep divide between the police and the public it is sworn to serve.

      Yet there still remains an abiding pride in wearing the uniform for those brave enough to don the blue and badge. These days, there’s also uncertainty for many of those brave souls. The unknown of what they will encounter when they hit the streets, coupled with their resolve to do their duty remains strong.

      But the job has changed. A nation that once embraced first responders is now divided. For police officers, being a cop isn’t just what they do, it’s who they are. The calling to public service doesn’t shut off at the end of shift. Rather, that calling runs deep. And for many officers in Kansas City, they give as much in their personal time as they do on the job.

      It’s time we hear those stories, too.

      Shawn Moore joined the Kansas City Police Department in 2005. She’s been an officer for 11 years and last year married a 23-year U.S. Army Veteran who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD. Moore didn’t realize the depth of her husband’s illness until months into their marriage. She was a newlywed who suddenly felt isolated from the man she fell in love with.

      As time passed, her husband’s illness, and their marriage, became more untenable. As a woman, a wife, and an officer, Moore said she felt hopeless, faced with a situation in which she had no control, and didn’t have the tools to be able to fix.

       Moore started researching, she said, and learned about an organization – a support group – called Warriors’ Ascent, a non- profit organization in Parkville. Run by former military personnel, some who suffer from PTSD themselves, Warriors’ Ascent is a five-day retreat for active duty military, veterans and firsts responders who suffer from PTSD. The retreat, an all supplemental programs, are free.

      The programs provide powerful, in-depth education in holistic healing practices. Moore said she for the program, and once he began accepting that help, he asked her to attend, as well. As a police officer, she too could take advantage of the program’s offerings.

      Since attending the retreat, Moore and her husband have been actively involved in the alumni association. But Moore said she wanted to do more. She has seen the difference the program made for her husband, but more than that, she recognized the caregivers for those who are afflicted needed support, too. Spouses, significant others, parents and even children who take care of our soldiers when they return from battle are, in a sense, feeling the effects of the front lines, as well. She came to realize that PTSD sometimes can be just as hard on the loved one of those who suffer from the disorder.

      Through her own journey, Moore said she saw a need and decided to act. She formed a support group for caregivers because she wanted loved ones to be able to talk, and share their stories and their struggles.

      Meetings are open to any caregiver who wants to attend, but at her first gathering Moore found herself surrounded by other military wives. It was clear instantly they had all been looking for a safe haven, a place to share experiences and challenges surrounding by people who understand the difficulties first hand.

      One by one the women shared their stories.

      Jean drove 150 miles to attend. As she spoke about her husband, and their marriage of 12 years, tears began to form. Her husband spent 15 years in the Navy. During that time on active duty, he suffered a serious trauma, the details of which she didn’t want to share just yet.

      Her husband retired from the Navy when they met and he had a successful post-military career. Then he started having health problems and went to the VA. It was there Jean says everything changed.

      Doctors resurfaced the trauma her husband had long since left behind. With that came the added memories of a fatal car crash he was in years earlier – a crash that took his mother’s life. It seemed overnight the man Jean married was gone. He was diagnosed with PTSD and his condition was considered so severe doctors rated him 100 percent disabled.

      He lost his job and his personality drastically changed. Both filed for divorce. “I can’t go through life being the enemy in my own home,” Jean said as she struggled to find the words to describe her despair. With one last attempt to save their marriage and the man she fell in love with, Jean’s husband attended Warrior’s Ascent. “We are trying this one day at a time because I see the positive,” said Jean. As her husband continues to get the help he needs, Jean too is looking for a way to heal. She wants to know others understand her feelings. “You are so lonely next to the person you fell in love with,” said Jean.

      Mary’s husband joined the U.S. Army straight out of high school. While he was driving on patrol in Iraq he hit an IED. He suffered a traumatic brain injury but survived. Several members in his platoon were killed.  Mary’s husband hasn’t been able to hold down a job due to his PTSD. He no longer drives, and isolates himself from his loved ones.

      Jessica met her husband after he’d been deployed; he joined the U.S. Navy right out of high school. He spent 17 months at Guantanamo Bay, and when he finished active duty, he signed up to be a reservist in the Air Force, dreaming of becoming a pilot. A mistake was made during his physical, and that crushed his dream, ending his military service.

      Jessica’s husband suffered a major break down. He hasn’t worked since due to his diagnosed PTSD. The anxiety of the day-to-day uncertainty is sometimes overwhelming, Jessica said. Her husband got help with Warriors Ascent and Jessica hopes the support group will help ease the loneliness she feels and validate those feelings as she meets other caregivers going through similar situations.

      Moore says she is optimistic about her future, but “there’s still times I feel really alone and just don’t know what to do.”

      The support group, she hopes, will not only help others, but keep her on the path to healing and happiness.

      If you or someone you know has a story you think is worth sharing send an email to jkiesling@kcfop.org

      If you would like more information on the Caregivers support meetings email Officer Moore at grneyes5259@yahoo.com

      Below are the 2016 Missouri FOP State Lodge Political Endorsements. 

      Mike Sharp (D)


        • GOVERNOR
          o Chris Koster (D)
        • LT. GOVERNOR
          o No Endorsement
          o No Endorsement
          o Eric Schmitt (R)
          o Teresa Hensley (D)


      SENATE DISTRICT 17 – Ryan Silvey (R)


      HOUSE DISTRICT 11 – John Rizzo (D)
      HOUSE DISTRICT 14 – Kevin Corlew (R)
      HOUSE DISTRICT 17 – Mark Ellebracht (D)
      HOUSE DISTRICT 36 – Daron McGee (D) 


      2nd Annual KCFOP Lodge #99 Golf Classic
      Benefitting the KC Police Officer's Memorial Foundation, a 501(c)(3)

      The 2nd Annual KCFOP Lodge #99 Golf Classic will be October 3rd, 2016.


      The Deuce at the National
      6700 N National Dr, Parkville, MO 64152

      Thanks to our Sponsors: Fidel's and Martinous Produce Co.

      To Register, download the brochure below, call the lodge at 816-231-8011, or contact Steve Miller - smiller@kcfop.org .

      The Kansas City Royals have made some amazing donations for a silent auction which will be taking place at the tournament :

      Alex Gorden Signed Jersey

      Eric Hosmer Signed Jersey

      George Brett and Bo Jackson Signed Bats

      Download: 2016 Lodge 99 Golf Brochure.pdf

      Kansas City Fraternal Order of Police helped make the day of some well deserving kids at the K!



      Steve Loomis of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association shared a video with us.

      Megan Connelly and the CPPA put together a video commemorating the RNC and thanking the Officers and citizens who made it such a great success.

      Please enjoy this video, she did a great job with it! :


      August 3, 2016

      Brothers and Sisters,


      Yesterday a statement from Chief Darryl Forte’ was released that was provided from his office in headquarters. During that video he makes several comments that I take exception to. The men and women that work in that building and buildings all over the city are the finest people I have ever known and have the pleasure to work with. Our members give their heart and soul to the citizens of Kansas City and unfortunately, some have given all. In front of headquarters is a statue that contains 119 names of those that have lost their lives in the service of Kansas City, 83 of those fine officers died as a result of gunfire.

      Each of us were trained in a nationally recognized academy, and our curriculum is approved by members of command and then certified by Missouri’s POST commission. Our training is not sub-standard, in fact, I would challenge anyone to find fault with it. Our firearms section was just recognized for identifying several training issues that provides options to disengage and seek cover while contacting armed and dangerous subjects.

      An accusation was made by Chief Forte’ that we have gone around him regarding policy changes and “try to get favor” with those who make decisions. Our current contract with the Board of Police Commissioners specifically allows for us to be included in policy discussions, and when our input and suggestions are ignored we are allowed to address the Board directly. The chief signed that contract and is aware of the procedure. I will make no apologies for taking the opportunity to protect our member’s rights in that contract.

      I cannot understand any statement regarding unreasonable fear on our member’s part when dealing with life and death situations. We are humans, and not robots. We have families and lives. The fear that officers feel during critical incidents is real. It is not for someone else to tell us what is reasonable or unreasonable. We make decisions based on the totality of circumstances, and strive to do what is reasonable. Our training is based on rulings from our great country’s Supreme Court.

      I ask that Chief Forte’ address these issues in a public forum and provide our members with some resolution to his statements not only yesterday, but in forums that he has spoken at a number of times in the last several weeks. There are a number of videos that suggest that he didn’t misspeak, but holds those values.

      We will continue to serve our city with honor and dignity. We swore an oath to do so, and our word is our bond. Our family is a great family, and in these dangerous times we will strive to be the leaders that our community deserve.

      Brad Lemon

      President FOP Lodge #99    

      Download: Response to Chief Forte 8032016.pdf

      Below are the Missouri FOP political endorsements in the upcoming elections.

      U.S. Senate : No Endorsement

      Governor : Chris Koster (D) 

      Lt. Governor : No Endorsement

      Secretary of State : No Endorsement

      State Treasurer : Eric Schmitt (R)

      Attorney General : No Endorsement

      State Senate District 11 : John Rizzo (D)

      State Senate District 17 : Ryan Silvey (R)

      State House of Representatives District 17 : Nick King (R)

      These are the candidates who have shown to be the most supportive of the law enforcement community and Missouri workers in general.  Please show your support for these candidates i their upcoming elections.

      In Memory of KCKPD Detective Brad Lancaster Fundraiser

      As we all know, Detective Lancaster was shot and killed while assisting patrol officers who responded to a suspicious person call at Hollywood Casino in Kansas City, Kansas

      On July 2, 2016, at 2:00 p.m., American Guns Unlimited will be raffling off a new Generation 4 Glock 23 to one lucky ticket holder.

      All proceeds collected for this raffle will be donated to the family of Detective Lancaster.

      You may purchase tickets from American Guns Unlimited located at 7720 N. Oak Trafficway, Kansas City, Missouri 64118 or contact Errol Riggins at (816) 520-3303.

      The KC City Auditor's office just released their report of the audit on KCPD's fleet of take-home vehicles.  

      The office gave suggestions as to how the department could better deploy these vehicles, noting the following points:

      -develop and know the cost of its take-home vehicle program
      -track information related to take-home vehicles
      use data to better manage department resources and evaluat alternatives that should reduce costs and improve effectiveness
      share program costs, data, and alternatives with the Board of Police Commissioners to improve oversight and decision making.

      According to the report, Management agreed with about half of the recommendations.

      .PDF of a Summary of the Audit
      .PDF of the Full Audit

      FOP Lodge #4 has established a memorial fund for the family of Detective Brad Lancaster. Contributions can be made at any of the Greater Kansas City Public Safety Credit Union branches or Kansas City, Kansas Police Headquarters.


      Hello everyone!

      It is that time again to prepare for SAFE’s yearly charity boxing event, Guns ‘N Hoses!  It is set for Friday, October 21st this year and it will be held at the Kansas City Convention Center, Grand Ballroom, again this year.  

      Download: GNH Flyer.pdf

      On April 12th, KCFOP Lodge #99 had our annual 'Day on the Hill' event.  Members of the Executive Board and volunteers from the membership of the lodge travel to Jefferson City to meet and speak with our state legislators, addressing proposed legislative changes that might affect our members.

      We had a great turnout this year and had the opportunity and good fortune to speak with many of the influential legislators at session.

      A special thank you to the non-executive board members who volunteered to attend.  We appreciate the support of the membership who help us improve this organization.

      Below is a picture of some of the attendees with Missouri District 011 Representative, Galen Higdon.

      KCTV5 has posted an article titled "Forte: KCPD's upcoming budget reveals staffing shortage".

      KCPD Chief Forté today published an entry on his blog titled "Upcoming budget presents staffing shortfalls".

      Please, take a few moments to read this and if you agree that having enough officers is important, please let your city-councilperson know.

      Fox 4 KC has posted an article titled "FOP president says fewer officers on KC streets mean increased waits for police response from Fox4KC".

      Another piece in the on-going struggle to get more officers on the streets of KansasCity.

      Fox 4 News has posted a story regarding the KCMO Budget and KCPD staffing, with comment from lodge President Lemon:

      Newly Passed budget not enough to prevent KCPD layoffs according to FOP.

      From President Lemon's Facebook

      Going to make community meetings, armed with real numbers. Mayor James can say what he wants on television but his budgets have reduced officer safety.

      The Kansas City FOP Lodge #99 is happy to announce that our onlne store is now available!

      KCFOP.ORG Online Store

      You can visit the store by either using the 'Online Store' button on the left side of the main KCFOP.ORG webpage, or clicking the link above.

      Shirts, Mugs, Golf Towels and much more are available.  Please take a minute to browse what we have to offer and purchase some items.

      To avoid shipping costs - make sure you change 'Pickup Your Order' to yes.
      KCPD Employees, we will arrange to have your item dropped off or will make it available for pickup at our Lodge.

      *All profits from the purchase of items on the KCFOP.ORG Online Store go to benefit the KCFOP Political Action Committee.

      KCFOP Lodge #99 is happy to announce the availability of its new mobile app for your phone, available on the Apple App Store and Android Play Store.

      This gives you the ability to quickly read any new items posted on the public area of the website.  

      Also, if you're a registered member you can save your username and password within the app so you don't have to constantly re-enter it in the website.  You will also be able to access member-exclusive features from within the app, such as the member directory.

      Setup is easy, once you've registered through the website, download the new App, enter your username and password, and most of the features will be available at the touch of your screen!!

      Navigate to the Apple App Store or Googe Play Store and search for KCFOP!

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